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A Few Sweet Ways Chocolate Can Improve Your Health

Controlling the Cravings: 

From the findings of numerous studies, researchers have concluded that chocolates with higher percentages of cocoa like handmade premium chocolates can eliminate craving for foods which are either sweet or salty. It can also stop wanting for fatty foods. The reason is cocoa in its uncontaminated form makes us feel satisfied and also provides us with the sensation of mellowness. As a result, even a serving of handmade premium chocolates in moderation can comprehensively gratify our cravings, not only just tastefully but also nutritiously. And the most significant outcome of that is that you now are free from the urge of indulging yourself on detrimental snacks.

Administering Cholesterol and Keeping the Weight in Check:

Handmade chocolates with higher percentages of cocoa in them are known as cholesterol-controlling food. In 2017, the American Heart Association published a study and it said that chocolates and unsweetened cocoa with a handful of almonds can make a significant drop of low-density lipoproteins (LDL), which are known as the ‘Bad’ cholesterol. The excessive amounts of LDL cholesterols in the arteries increase clogging and as a result, the risk of heart attacks increases.   On the other hand, the cocoa butter is said to be a propellant that increases high-density lipoproteins (HDL), which we, the health-conscious, Australian chocolate lovers know as good-cholesterols. The HDLs then carry the cholesterols to the liver, the liver flushes out cholesterols and keeps the arteries clean and the heart remains strong.

An outstanding byproduct of the whole process mentioned above is that since our body gets to remain free from unsavory cholesterols, our body-weight remains within a healthy limit.

Decreasing Inflammation: 

Cocoa beans contain a supremely beneficial natural chemical named as flavanols.  This chemical is found abundantly in cocoa and they are as effective as they can be if and when they remain uncontaminated and in their original chemical structures. Only handmade chocolates can get the flavanols to be in their best version to be helpful for us.

But what’s so special about flavanols? Flavanols work wonders in containing inflammation in our bodies. As nutritionists suggest, chronic inflammations facilitate insulin resistance which in turn propel the feelings of emptiness in the stomach even after a short while after having a meal. Insulin resistance also causes malfunctions in the workings of hormones that are responsible for regulating metabolism. That’s why crunching on handmade chocolate every once in a while, and of course in moderation, can go a long way to preclude the feeling of hunger, which will pave the way for fixing the cellular damages that happen for inflammation.  As a result, we won’t overeat and our weights can be within a healthy limit.

Exercising Gets Easy:

Cocoa beans are rich in magnesium. And as discussed earlier, we know that handmade chocolate can induce anti-inflammation mechanisms. When these two separate incidents work in tandem, muscle pain and tear and wear in joints  are substantially decreased which in turn, may extend to having experienced minimum pain caused by regular exercise. So, with the feel-good aspect of exercising combined with less physical stress, it is obvious that exercising will become more enjoyable and we can commit more to exercising. As a result, we can be more athletic, strong and physically fit and also we don’t need to be overweight and the problems associated with being overweight.

Improving Metabolism: 

The handmade chocolate lovers can be rest assured that they can actually modify our metabolism cycle in the best possible way. Again, our friend in the quest of keeping our weights down is flavanols. The Journal of Proteome Research suggests that flavanols in handmade chocolates can boost our metabolism in a good way. Flavanols have monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) which supercharges the metabolism happening after having a meal and as a result, our body is stimulated to get the calories burnt faster. Studies also have proved that chocolates influence the way with which our body synthesizes fatty acids and it results in minimal absorption of fats and carbohydrates. Overall, having handmade chocolates helps us get relaxed about getting overweight without being paranoid about it.

Fighting with Stress: 

It is a well-known fact that we show the tendency to eat way more than what we actually need when we are mentally disturbed and when we are stressed about our jobs, relationships, peer pressures etc. Mental stress makes the steroid hormone ‘cortisol’ surge. Cortisol is responsible for aiding in the metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. As a result, the spiked quantity of cortisol heightens our appetite and advocates us to excessive amounts of foods that our body can’t process and burn quickly, and the excess of the foods are stored and causes us to gain weight.

Whereas eating handmade chocolate high in cocoa makes the other steroid hormones ‘serotonin’ and ‘endorphin’ rise in the brain. These two are renowned as “happy chemicals” and they assuage the feeling of stress and improve our mood. As a result, the reasons for overeating are neutralized and our bodies can keep the weights within preferable limits without having to worry much about doing something about it.


So, you can see that eating chocolates, especially the right kind with higher percentages of cocoa beans in their uncontaminated version, chocolates can indeed help us lose weight. 

You just need to keep one thing one mind, be sensible while savoring your favorite delicacy and enjoy all the benefits they are blessed with.

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