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Welcome to Schoko Chocolates

Schoko is short for Schokolade which is the German word for Chocolate. We have taken European training, techniques, and finesse and mixed it with Melbourne's unique diversity and creativity. We are committed to elevating the art of chocolate to a new level of craftsmanship, one of excellence, elegance, and creativity, one that will make a grand and lasting impression.

With excellent ingredients, skill, experience, and imagination, our chocolatier; Moana Kastler, is able to create wonderfully innovative chocolates.
Chocolate that melts at body temperature, dissolves in your mouth in a silky mass, exploding with different flavours and textures, our variety of fillings will create an overwhelming taste sensation, lingering in your mouth, long after the chocolate has melted away.

I believe presentation must reflect the same degree of care and quality as our chocolates, whether the chocolates are for indulging yourself or as a gift of any occasion. The presentation is an important part of our appreciation and enjoyment of all food

We have created a unique selection of chocolates. Each recipe is made to order by hand here in Melbourne by Moana with no preservatives, high cocoa content, low sugar, and 100% pure cocoa butter.

Thank you and we hope you find happiness in our Artisan Chocolates.

Darren Jones