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A moment of pleasure

A moment of pleasure
Chocolate is far more than a delicious treat, it can be a moment of pleasure, an emotion, a feeling of comfort, even a pick me up on a down day - the whole reason we are here is to bring you the best chocolate experience possible!
Recognizing the features that make the best possible chocolate experience is not always easy, because taste is not the only important aspect. Quality chocolate needs to be meticulously prepared, with premium ingredients, no preservatives and of course, be second to none in taste.

All our chocolates are made by hand, to order with no preservatives and high cocoa content. The only reason someone would use preservatives in chocolate is to extend the shelf life up to 12 months. The ingredients we use, such as fruits, nuts, cream or butter will reduce the natural shelf life down to 1 – 3 months. Therefore, some chocolatiers use preservatives, so that they don’t need to make fresh batches of chocolates regularly. But as a first-class artisan chocolatier we prefer not to use preservatives, instead making fresh batches of chocolates when you order them.
For this reason, we recommend that you consume your chocolates within the first three weeks after delivery to guarantee optimal taste and texture of your chocolates.
So go ahead and order your moment of preservative free pleasure today.

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