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Chocolate molds

Chocolate molds
Once the chocolate is tempered and ready to use, its time to pour it into the molds. This is a bit of a tricky part, that requires a lot of  experience and know-how;
Artistic in choosing the colours and decorations,
Realistic enough to know you can repeat it a million times to the same standard,
You need to be patient enough to make sure the chocolate goes into every corner and edge of the mold,
But fast enough to ensure that the chocolate doesn’t set and create a thick unpleasant shell...
Be delicate so the chocolate is spread evenly and not all on one side
Yet firm enough to remove any air bubbles,
Careful not to make any wrong moves,
Persistent enough to do it over, and over again,
And loving enough to check every single one, yet perfectionist enough to remove them from the batch if they aren’t perfect!
There are machines that could do this for you, that a lot of other chocolatiers use, especially bigger chocolate companies like ‘Haigh’s’ would for sure, but these aren’t always perfect, and you don’t get as much love into the product as we do.
There’s plenty of different chocolate molds out there, in all sorts of different materials. There are cheap thin ones you could use at home, professional polycarbonate one that is widely used within the industry and old molds made of metals like steel or tin that they would have used in the early stages of molded chocolates.
As for the shapes, only your imagination is the limit, there are plenty of your usual shapes like hearts and diamonds, squares and triangles, animals and flowers, you can even get custom molds. We have searched far and wide for our molds and pride ourselves on some of our unique molds and decorations.
Its hard for me to pick a personal favourite within our collection, I think it’s a tie between our Gingerbread and Mayan Chilli – both with such detail, beautiful lines, and obviously the tempting fillings. I guess if I had to choose one, it would be the gingerbread, only because of how we highlight the Aztec like paten with gold dust. AND the fact that our gingerbread chocolate is one of my personal favourites, tasting of a European Christmas, with the texture of smooth milk chocolate around the crunchy praline and delicious gingerbread pieces. Seriously you need to see and taste this chocolate! If you want to make sure you get our gingerbread chocolate in your next assortment, just add in the notes that you would like one and ill send you an extra one for free, trust me, your going to want a second one!

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