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Handmade Premium Chocolates – Should You Be Buying Them More Often?

There can be no denying the fact that chocolates are the world’s most favorite treat.

And of late, chocolate makers are returning to its origin – the cacao beans. The big, fat conglomerates have made chocolates available to the mass, but in the process they keep ignoring the ‘fruit of the Gods’ that made everything possible in the first place. More and more people have started showing interest in handmade chocolates. And likewise, people who truly are passionate in the craft rather than want to use cacao beans as just another way of storing fats on their bones are coming to this trade of making chocolates as the way it should be made.

The handmade premium chocolates are not only exotically romantic, they are blessed with the look as well. And I haven’t even started with the taste – the Hershey’s and the Nestlé’s of the world are giving us chocolates tasting exactly as they were a few billion dollars before. But not the handmade chocolates – the variety is endless and each new batch gives us something new to savor. Then there are the health benefits – the scientific studies are showing substantial physiological benefits of flavanols – the premium natural mineral that remains unblemished in handmade chocolates. And it is also good for our psychological and emotional well being as well. I can also vouch for the practicality of carrying and easy storage of handmade chocolates – custom-made for every new batch. The best thing is we can buy them, pay some petty dollars, can store them easily for our own consumption or give away to our loved ones to make them happy. The handmade premium chocolate makers like Schoko Chocolates are offering to make customized gifts these days, which gives a unique opportunity to showcase our love and attention to those who really are worth the effort.

Don’t you think the above reasons are great enough for you to buy handmade premium chocolates more often? If skepticism is still getting the better of you, let me help you with a little bit more details.

Let’s get enlightened about why we should be buying handmade premium chocolates more often.

The Making:

Let’s get started with the obvious one – how the handmade chocolates are made.

The handmade chocolate makers collect the precious beans directly from the farmers. And they do it from small farms located in South American countries like Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia focusing primarily on flavor.  The industrial chocolate makers, on the other hand, source it from West Africa – from countries like Ivory Coast, Ghana etc. – emphasizing on substantial produce of crops ensuring harder cacaos which are also free from diseases and pest-resistant. So, the difference of those two varieties of ultimately the same product is pretty obvious. And it's a given that the handmade chocolates would also be superior in taste than the generic chocolate bars readily available at supermarket shelves.

One other thing I must mention that handmade chocolates only consist of cocoa beans, cocoa butter and cane sugar. Cocoa butter provides a smooth texture which artisanal chocolate makers collect by making it from the same batch of beans that are being used for making the chocolates as well. That is an expensive process to go through but this amplifies the quality of the star ingredient – the cocoa itself. That's why you wouldn’t feel anything else in the hand-crafted chocolates other than the distinctive taste of premium cocoa. And the whole process also ensures the health benefits that I am going to talk about next remains uncontaminated.


Health Benefits:

Karin Ried PhD, the research director for the National Institute of Integrative Medicine in Melbourne suggests flavanol, which is plentiful in cocoa, can reduce blood pressure by 2-3 mm Hg in the short term. Chocolates also have a plethora of other health benefits. They can enhance our cognitive ability, improve metabolism and mitigate inflammation, enrich our skin health, control bad cholesterols and in some cases, fight with diabetes. We can get all those benefits especially when the chocolates are rich with flavanols other than chemicals or additives. In light of the information I’ve just mentioned, if we evaluate the ingredients and making process of handmade chocolates, it is obvious that handmade chocolates are the most preferable version of chocolates from which we can get most out of cacao beans.

Aesthetic Beauty:

Handmade chocolate makers put profound effort in making the end products aesthetically beautiful. These chocolates are hedonistically pleasing and wickedly seductive. Since the makers are not bound by some mere ‘daily production targets’ to ensure their wages, they create chocolates with love. No two batches of handmade chocolates have the same look. And they get every shape – as it is said, it is only limited by the creator’s imagination.

Gifts Giving Made Easy:

Chocolates are the sweet little tasty things that take our special occasions to the next level. But when you choose customized handmade chocolates as gifts, it proves your dedication to your loved ones. The beauty is that you can suggest addition or removal of specific ingredients to the makers to make the gifts absolutely perfect for the intended recipient. And then there is the packaging – it wouldn’t occur to you that every other man is carrying rather the same looking chocolate gift boxes on the eve of Christmas, of course unlike you, since you have planned way before and have the boxes of love delivered to your near and dear ones in proper time.

Helping The Little Guys:

Without going into detailed financial jargons, suffice it to say that Mondelēz, Nestlé and the likes are undoubtedly the market leaders in the Australian chocolate industry. The crafts of handmade chocolate have only the backing of people like you – the ones who are in love with true chocolates, not the type that’s generic in every single way and made by big, faceless corporations. So, if anything, it is within your social obligation to help those who need it most. And in the dire financial consequences brought forth by the global pandemic, every little help counts for the start ups, for the craftsmen, for the people who are in this for their love for creativity.


Do you still think you need more persuasion to make you go for premium handmade chocolates?

I sincerely hope not.

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