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Ingredients of Chocolate That will Benefit You

Chocolates are regarded as a weight gain food due to the fats and sugar present in them as an ingredient. Researches have shown that dark chocolate is beneficial for your health as it prevents many health problems and diseases. Americans have spent more than 8$ on chocolates for their delicious and incredible taste as well as fabulous texture. Chocolate is full of nutrients, and it is mainly obtained from the seed of the cocoa tree that is the best antioxidant in the world. It can prevent heart disease, stroke and lower the risk of problems related to the coronary artery. Following are some health benefits of eating chocolate that you should know:

  • Full of nutrients:

Dark chocolate is full of nutrients if you buy a quality one as it consists of cocoa with a much higher content of nutrients. It is loaded with minerals, fibers, and 70-80% of cocoa content. Although a bar of chocolate is not only full of nutrients, it contains a moderate amount of sugar with extra calories. The dark chocolates mostly consist of caffeine and theobromine, which is present in a little amount, so it will not disturb your sleep all night. It consists of fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, selenium, manganese. Moreover, dark chocolate is much preferred around the world due to the presence of minimum sugar because the fats are usually saturated and monosaturated with a little polyunsaturated fat.

  • Dark chocolate reduces heart disease:

Dark chocolates are much lower in cholesterol and low in gaining weight due to which lower the risk of heart disease and several severe problems. Obesity is much lower due to reducing fats, and studies have shown that people who eat handmade chocolate twice a week lowered the risk of plaque in the arteries. It is also protective against the harmful oxidation of LDL. Moreover, eating dark chocolate thrice a week will reduce heart disease.

  • Improve your memory:

Premium chocolates have improved the memory of many elderly people. The presence of cocoa in dark chocolates are high in flavanols and enhance the memory of people. But in some chocolates, the flavanols are much reduced due to the addition of eggs and sugar. It increases the neuroplasticity in the brain, which helps in maintaining and improving memory, mood and decreases the risk of memory loss in elderly age. It helps in fastening the mechanism of the body and keeps the immune system secure.

  • Powerful antioxidants:

Dark chocolate is much beneficial as it consists of antioxidants, which are much powerful. Artisan chocolates are actively loaded with organic compounds such as catechins,  flavonols, etc.; not only are antioxidants present but also other foods are present such s some flavanols include blueberries and acai berries as an ingredient in the chocolate.

  • Protection of skin from the sun:

The chocolate is much effective for the skin as it protects the skin from burning and becoming dull. The flavonols present in the chocolates help in improving the flowing of blood that increases the skin density, and keeps the skin from getting dehydrated. Eating chocolate for weeks has shown many positive results for the improvement of skin and shown the doubling of MED for more than 12 weeks than prevets the burning of skin from UV light. Manganese present in chocolate is full of proteins that help in keeping your skin healthy and repair the old skin. It also plays a vital role in keeping you younger and strong as it consists of calcium.

  • Lower cholesterol:

The results conducted in London have shown positive results of dark chocolate as the lower cholesterol is determined as compared to the milk chocolates. It is named as lowering cholesterol food as it consists of oleic acid in cocoa better that is much healthy for the heart, but taking in excessive amounts may lead to harmful effects such as heart disease. The fat present in the dark chocolate consists of monosaturated fat that will not be harmful and may emphasize portion control. They have a much lower composition of fatty acids and sugar components, including the cholesterol level.

  • Helps with diabetes:

The handmade chocolate is determined to be much sweeter for diabetic patients and may be lethal for them. But several studies in America have found that people with diabetic problems can easily eat dark chocolate as it helps in improving the insulin function much effectively as well as improve the Immune system.

  • It lowers the risk of stroke:

Artisan chocolate lowers the risk of stroke as it has shown the connection of chocolate with coronary arteries as consuming much chocolate will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The flavonoids present in chocolates help in promoting heart health. It consists of nitric acid that helps in enlarging the vessels and relax the blood pressure by keeping it lower at a lower rate.

  • May reduce the risk of cancer:

Dark chocolate is much beneficial as it protects people from different types of cancer. It protects our cells from being damaged by free radicals, which are responsible for aging. Chocolate is much necessary for your health as free radicals caused many severe problems such as Alzheimer's and heart disease.

  • Improves brain functioning:

Dark chocolate has high flavonol that improves brain functioning and helps in working fastly. It increases the blood flow in arteries. Cocoa present in dark chocolate protects the body from several attacks and improves mental impairment, especially in elderly people.

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