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No More Cold When You Have Chocolates

No More Cold When You Have Chocolates

‘When the going gets cold, the cold gets chocolate’ - I am not quite sure if Billy Ocean could ever envision paraphrasing his song after some 36 years later, with anything but chocolates.

But I say – why not? While I am not sure if he would have agreed or not since he wasn’t available to comment (Disclaimer-I Didn’t Try Actually), it’s safe to suggest Billy wouldn’t disapprove anyways. And why should he? Or anyone else for that matter that we don’t need chocolates when it is cold?

You may be surprised to know that your favorite handmade premium chocolates from Schoko Chocolate not only make your knees shaky with joy but also they are quite capable of furnishing you with comfort and warmth. I can proudly say that findings from scientific research is with me on this and it has been found out that chocolate acts as an antidote to help counter freezing temperatures and numbing limbs.


The Flight Of The Legend

Let me elaborate a bit. When the temperature dives down way below freezing – chocolates have the ability to bless us with the requisite nutriment. This ability of cocoa beans stored in chocolates act as the antidote and makes us heated inside and smoothen the process of making energy inside our physiological systems. And luckily chocolates are usually made in such a form that it that can be dissolved and the necessary nutrients can be received by our bodies quite easily. In plain English, chocolates enrich us to fight snow-clad blizzards.

If you are having a hard time believing me, please ask Will Steger. Mr. Will Steger, as you probably have already known, is a modern-day warrior for the preservation of the Arctic. This living legend did the first and as of today, the only dogsled traverse starting from Russia over the Arctic Ocean all the way to Ellesmere Island in Canada. He completed this supernatural journey in 1995. And guess what was the must have item of daily ration of his team? Yes, you guessed that right – Mr. Steger never ventures into the cold without the daily supply of chocolates. In the extreme cold, we can only prevent ourselves becoming an ice sculpture by producing continuous body heat. Chocolate is one of the best foods that can supply us fuel for generating heat over a prolonged period of time. I am not suggesting that you need to attest chocolate’s ability to generate heat for your body out in the extreme white. All you need is to sit in front of your fireplace and sip a mouthful of our fluffy hot chocolate. You can be under the quilt with the cup if you like – just have a go at it. You will thank me later.


Fight Against The Common Cold

Though it is not yet completely conclusive, a few studies have pointed out about the power of cocoa beans that can help prevent the common cold. During the winter months, we all are dreaded with the uninvited frequent visitor – the common cold. Every year I get flattened with runny noses and the rest of the family has to take turns with it. Our go to food was normally the orange juice. Little did I know, instead of getting rid of it, I was making sure the common cold stays and making arrangements for welcoming the flu, another nasty cousin of the cold related illnesses. Vitamin C can do nothing against the flu or fighting cold ailments. A better and tastier option is dark chocolates. Dark chocolates are full of Zinc and will help you get rid of flu and common cold during the winter months. Though not yet conclusive, but it is being said dark chocolates are naturally adept in working as anti-coughing agent


Full of Irons

When winter and cold days sustain for months at a stretch, it gets difficult for people who have iron deficiency and in extreme cases, anemia. When human bodies suffer deficiency of iron, it normally gets fatigued and cold, and quite naturally the situation gets worse in winter. Adults ranging from 18 to 5 years of age require about 18 milligrams of irons daily. And a serving of 45-60% dark chocolate can provide us with 3.5mg iron, which is about 20% of your daily needs. So, our favorite treat is a very good source for irons which can keep us healthy during winter.


Source Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential element for us to keep our bones strong and free from cancer. We humans can take vitamin D directly from the sun, but in the winter, it can be tricky. We should remember that vitamin D deficiency can propel severe implications for our body because vitamin D is a must for growth and development. In a recent publication in Food Chemistry, it was mentioned that foods rich in cocoa, including cocoa butter, cocoa beans, cocoa powder and dark chocolate can provide us with vitamin D2. In cohesion with the publication of Food Chemistry, scientists at Martin Luther University (MLU) Halle-Wittenberg and Max Rubner-Institut conformed that chocolates contain significant amounts of vitamin D2. This is a great news for us because this gives us another reason for cracking open another box from Schoko Chocolate. The days when the doctors will prescribe Schoko Chocolate for those who are at risk of brittle bones may still be afar, but who are you to prohibit me from having that dream?


Are you still feeling cold? I sure hope not, but even if you are, you know what to do.

Now, Enjoy.

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