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Reasons Why People Love Chocolate

It may look so simple, that people love chocolate because it is sweet. But are you aware that love for chocolate is more than that? Chocolate is more than just a sweet it relates to the balance, fat, and carbohydrate that is set right from the very beginning of production. It is quite rare to find someone who doesn't like chocolate so what is it about this food that so many of us find irresistible? What are the characteristics chocolate shares with all the food that we simply can't say no? Here is a little fact- Every 10 years an adults eat their body weight in chocolate. The rate of chocolate consumption in various countries is very high.

What is Chocolate?

Chocolate is gotten from the beans of the cacao tree also known as the Theobroma Cacao. The chocolate you eat now is gotten from cacao beans after being involved in a multi-stage process. The beans are harvested, heated, then allowed to dry, and grounded to produce a paste. They consist of two vital ingredients known as cocoa butter and chocolate liquor. Various type of what we categorize as chocolate is gotten from the mixing of cocoa butter and liquor in varying proportions. The dark plain chocolate is made with 70% cacao butter and liquor while white chocolate is made with only 50% cacao butter. How Chocolate is Made

Why People Love Chocolate.

According to a psychologist David Luiz, allowing the chocolate bar too slowly dissolve in your mouth releases a big increase in heart rate and brain activity, and the main effect of chocolate lasts four times longer. Scientists have been trying so hard to understand the main chemistry of chocolate for years. The important stimulants of chocolate include caffeine (small amounts), theobromine, phenethylamines. In 1996, researchers also discovered that chocolate contains a feel-good chemical called anandamide, which can be found in the brain. Here are seven simple reasons why people love chocolate.

  • Chocolates melts at 35°C

Come on, I mean who doesn’t love the chilly feeling of the aftereffect of eating chocolate. It dissolves just below body temperature so if you're having doubt, it does melt in your mouth.

  • Chocolate addiction is not a crime.

If you get addicted to drugs you’re not getting away with it but with a chocolate addiction, there’s nothing wrong with that. Nobody is going to say anything to you if you consume two whole boxes of chocolate by yourself. Although its advisable you consume chocolate with low sugar like Schoko Chocolate to avoid problems.

You can eat up bites of chocolate and immerse your sadness in that flavorful cocoa taste either way you’re not in problem with the law.

  • Chocolate equals love.

The association of chocolate with love may not be entirely psychological. The fact is women yearn for chocolate more frequently than men. So giving your woman chocolate as a birthday gift, Valentine present is considered a romantic gift. A chocolate box is outside the normal day-to-day food or food only reserved for special occasions especially if you decide to associate it with love. So this is the main reason why women love chocolate because giving them a box of chocolate symbolizes love, care, pamper, and affection.

  • Chocolate has the right chemistry.

I feel awkward about writing on this particular topic because the reason why people love chocolate cannot be put in words. According to a research by the University of Michigan, chocolate includes opioids, and opioids are found in opium. This chemical components can reduce pain and give you a feeling of well-being. So people who consume chocolate produce natural opiates in their brain which calms their nerves, stress levels and make them feel good.

  • Chocolate is good for You.

Growing up, my parents warned me about consuming too much chocolate as it is bad for my health but the truth is chocolate is good for you. Dark chocolate comprises chemicals that lessen the risk of heart disease or cancer. It comprises antioxidants and flavonoids and is proven to improve cardiovascular health. Scientists also recommend that you have a chocolate, chocolate biscuit, or chocolate cookie to help you live a healthy life.

  • Increase Life Span.

In 1989, a Harvard University study tracked 8000 men and found out that those who ate chocolates lived almost a year longer and while those who didn't consume chocolate didn't. I know you are confused and wondering if chocolate does increase lifespan? The truth is yes. The antioxidants in chocolate are said to boost lifespan. There are many other health benefits of chocolate and I hope you realize that they are not just sweet or sugary food but they are healthy food.

  • Chocolate Makes People Happy.

Who will get a box of chocolate and not smile? Apart from the beauty of the chocolate, a chemical called tryptophan can be found in chocolate. Tryptophan is also a chemical in the brain that is utilized to generate the neural transmitter serotonin and a high level of serotonin terminates secretion of endorphins which elicits feelings of elation.

  • Chocolate is Great For Your Sex Life.

The Aztecs assumed that chocolate has intensifying properties. Although it is an old legend there might be a truth to it. Studies also show that women who consume chocolate a day have more sex than women who don’t. Only because chocolate makes the brain produce certain chemicals that just makes you feel good.

While we all love chocolate it is recommended you consume chocolate in moderate quantities. Having a dark chocolate a day will keep you delighted and entirely glowing. If consumed in moderate amounts, it is a miracle food. Dark, Milk, White, everyone has their favorite type of chocolate. If you are a devotee who declines anything below 70%, or a milk chocolate lover one thing that connects us all, is that the food we adore all comes from the exact place which is the cacao bean. So if you plan on giving up something to take up a healthy diet you should think twice before giving up on chocolates.

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