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The Health Benefits of Eating Artisan Chocolates

Do you know there health benefits of eating chocolate and not just any chocolate I mean artisan chocolate? It is widely known that chocolate has been in existence for centuries now from the time of the ancient Aztecs, chocolate has been priced feasibility to provide various health benefits that strengthen the body and mind. The main reason why handmade chocolate is healthier is simple. It all boils down to the processing and ingredients involved in manufacturing this chocolate. For example, the ingredients used in manufacturing a bar of dark chocolate are variable. Researchers are conducting studies to figure out the healing powers of chocolate but there are already studies that prove that chocolate is healthy.

The fact is that not all chocolate is created equally. Researchers say that the heat needed to process commercial chocolate is up to 130 degrees centigrade this high number of heat can lower their effectiveness. Most artisan chocolatier keeps their raw Chocolate below 45 degrees which makes it healthier. Those highly processed chocolate bars that lineup in supermarkets cannot compare with the lovingly crafted artisan chocolate in terms of health benefits. In this article, I will discuss nine health benefits you should expect when eating a bar of artisan chocolate.

  • Low Sugar Content.

The sweetness gotten from artisan chocolate is from natural ingredients and natural sugar. it doesn't rely on sugar for enjoyment or flavor. Although yes it is indeed true that in most of the varieties of treats, it contains sugar but it contains a great deal less Sugar than highly processed Chocolate bars. The sugar quantity is the major distinguishing factor. Real chocolate lovers should know that chocolate made mostly of sugar isn't going to taste satisfying as chocolate with a rich cocoa concentration. One of the main reasons why commercial chocolate makers put high sugar content in their chocolate is because of the bitter taste of cocoa. The bitterness of cocoa comes from the natural antioxidants, a chemical called polyphenol but increasing the required sugar in the chocolate removes the polyphenol which is not healthy. The sugar content in chocolate is connected to weight-related illnesses. The main goal and focus of artisan chocolatier is for you to enjoy treats in moderation without the massive sugar content.

  • Natural Ingredients.

This is another important differentiating factor. Artisan chocolatiers take pride in their craft. They are willing to spend hours, days, weeks to create a masterpiece that is healthy and appreciated by people. Every ingredient used in the production of the chocolate is carefully selected so you don’t have to worry about finding nasty things in your chocolate such as added sugar, fat, chemicals, preservatives, flavor. When creating their chocolate there is minimal processing involved. And with minimal processing, this means that you will get all the natural goodness from all those added nutrients.

  • Rich In Antioxidants.

Cocoa beans are very rich in flavonoids also called epicatechins and procyanidins.  Flavonoids are what give the chocolate powerful antioxidants that can help reduce cholesterol, fight heart disease, and blood pressure. Flavonoids are part of polyphenols and can be found in a variety of food. They also help fight radicals that are likely to build up in the body causing diseases. Therefore, they can protect you from a lot of nasty diseases. Dark chocolate is rich in powerful antioxidants way more than other types of food.

  • Very Nutritious.

Generally, chocolates are highly nutritious but with heat processing artisan chocolates are likely to have more nutrients retained than commercial chocolate. 100g dark chocolate bar with 70 to 85% cocoa contains Phosphorus, 11 grams of fiber, potassium, zinc, selenium, magnesium, copper.

  • Lowers The Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases.

Chemical combinations in chocolate happen to be highly shielding against oxidation and this will conclude in limited cholesterol to lodge in the arteries which lower the danger of heart disease over the lengthy-term.  Researchers carried out a study of over 650 men and found out that Coco reduces the risk of cardiovascular death by 50% in a period of 15 years.

  • Mood Booster.

Centuries back, Aztecs believed that Chocolate has aphrodisiac properties although this has not been proven by researchers. There is no questioning that chocolates boost mood. It triggers a feel-good hormone and serotonin in your body which keeps you positively active and glowing all day. Chocolate has been a long-time favorite gift and is often used for various occasions. Sighting a box of artisan chocolates is a natural mood lifter.

  • Improve Brain Function.

Cocoa can significantly improve brain function. It is said to be a great source of nutrients for people with mental impairment. A compound found in chocolate called theobromine works similarly to caffeine which helps to improve focus and memory. It also enhance pleasure and mood by increasing endorphin and serotonin tiers in the brain. Do you know it can even strengthen your tooth enamel adequately effectively than fluoride? If you don't I guess you know now.

  • Protects LDL and Raises HDL Against Oxidation.

Cocoa is beneficial on cholesterol levels because it consists mainly of oleic acid(Monosaturated fat) and stearic acid(Saturated fat). Not all saturated fat and monosaturated fat raises cholesterol levels some reduces it. And that is what the oleic and stearic fat gotten from cocoa does. A highly processed chocolate then to have more fat than artisan chocolates.

  • Skin Protection.

Yes, I said it. The flavonoids gotten from Chocolate can protect your skin from incited injuries by boosting blood flow to the skin, boost skin hydration, and skin consistency.

Artisan Chocolates has a high quantity of cocoa which makes it extremely satisfying. To settle your craving one or two bites of this masterpiece is enough to get all the health benefits while controlling your sugar and fat intake. Researchers also agree that to get the full health benefits this chocolate has to be consumed moderately. 10 grams per day is the right amount of chocolate you should consume to help you maintain a balanced diet. One thing for sure is if you consume high-quality chocolates you won't need as much of it as 2 bites are enough to get the full taste and satisfaction.

So enjoy your world into artisan chocolates why eating in moderation.

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