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What you need to know about white chocolate

What you need to know about white chocolate
There are so many debates and arguments out there trying to discredit white chocolate and remove it from its family. So, I have put together a few facts, a couple of answers and my opinion on the matter because I want you to have the full information and knowledge that white chocolate is real chocolate!
Let’s start with when white chocolate was made; The first white chocolate bar was debuted in 1930, almost 90 years ago, wow. Who invented white chocolate you may ask? It was by Nestlé, In Switzerland, who today sell the Milkybar – but we will come back to that later...
As for how white chocolate was invented; there’s no clear answer to that, but if I had to guess why was white chocolate made it would most likely be because of an excess of cocoa butter after the company started producing chocolate in 1904.

Now you know where white chocolate comes from,
let’s move onto what white chocolate is and what white chocolate is made of.
The most common 3 ingredients are cocoa butter, milk solids, and sugar, plus there’s normally some sort of stabilizer or emulsifier such as lecithin, and flavourings, like vanilla.
How white chocolate is made? By milking the cocoa butter (which is a solid at room temperature) with the milk solids, sugar and any other emulsifiers and flavourings. The high milk solid content is the reason why white chocolate is white, pure cocoa butter is more of a pale-yellow colour. But it does NEED this cocoa butter as this is where the mild chocolate flavour comes from.
This NEED for cocoa butter is not only for the chocolate flavour, but also forms a strong argument when debating the old saying that ‘White chocolate is not chocolate’ or ‘white chocolate is a lie’. Now I can see how people might think why white chocolate isn’t chocolate, especially here in Australia where you have large chocolate producing companies (like Nestlé) producing products (yes, the Milkybar) with NO cocoa butter! Instead of using things like palm oil, or other vegetable fats – this product is the reason why white chocolate is not chocolate! BUT in Nestlé’s defense, they don’t advertise it as chocolate.
But REAL white chocolate is real chocolate when it contains the cocoa butter, as far as most people are concerned. But there will always be people arguing that white chocolate is not REALLY chocolate because it doesn’t contain any cacao solids – which is true, it doesn’t, but it still contains products from the cocoa bean…does a hamburger contain ham? That’s something to argue about, but I think its fine to call white chocolate, chocolate because it’s still made from the same plant.
‘But white chocolate is bad for you’ they may still argue, but let's be honest, it's not going to be as ‘heathy’ as its super dark 80% counterpart. But it's not BAD for you, as long as it is consumed in moderation like everything else – this is why we have created our range of artisan chocolates, to please that chocolate craving with the best product you can get! Rather than eating a whole bar of chocolate in one hit. Will white chocolate cause migraines? There have been some links in some people between one of the chemicals found in cacao and migraines, the same chemical that is also a natural mood enhancer, stress reliever and improves memory. So can white chocolate give you migraines? In some people, yes, but if that’s not you, go for gold, or white gold I should say.
The white chocolate we use is REAL white chocolate, it contains a minimum of 28% cocoa and is made up of only the ingredients I mentioned before; Cocoa butter, milk solids, sugar and soya lecithin as an emulsifier – its real white chocolate without palm oil or any other vegetable fats that people use to cut cost.
We use this chocolate to mold our chocolates and make our white chocolate ganache that we then flavour with things like yuzu, passionfruit, limoncello and real vanilla beans.
So next time your feeling like white chocolate, think twice about if you want that Milkybar, or if you would rather have something made of REAL chocolate – like our beautiful selection of white chocolate recipes.
I hope that you found this interesting and informative if so, Id love for you to leave a comment and share it with any of your friend you think might be interested!
Darren Jones
Schoko Chocolates

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