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Chocolate Protein Balls

This is something I make every week and DONT feel guilty eating.

This recipe makes about 10-12 20g balls

80g of your favourite protein powder
80g of your favourite peanut butter
70g of basic honey
20g cocoa powder

Mix everything together, and then roll out into balls (approx 20g) with your hands.

You're DONE!
Personally, I prefer the texture at room temperature but you will need to put them in the fridge if you don't plan on eating them all straight away.


As a chef, an important part of knowing how to make the best food is knowing why we are doing the things we do. If you are interested in knowing the reason behind anything in this recipe I have gone into a little bit of detail below.

  • Your favourite protein powder - This is obviously where most of the protein comes from, and we are using your favourite brand so that it is better suited to your taste, as this and the peanut butter are the major flavours here
  • Your favourite peanut butter - again, this is the other dominate flavour so its better to stick to the stuff you already love
  • Honey - doesn't need to be fancy, its just to add sweetness and also moisture to the mix
  • Cocoa powder - gives us the chocolate flavour that makes it taste like a delicious treat
  • 20g balls - they are a quite intense flavour and you dont want to be eating much more than this at a time.


I hope you enjoy making these yourself and I would love to hear how you went and what you thought!



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